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What kind of carpet material is good?

May 10, 2023

Latest company news about What kind of carpet material is good?

1. Blended carpet


Blended carpet has the advantages of light weight, feel and wool similar degree, and has good moisture and flame retardant properties. It is more comfortable to use, and its service life is longer because it is wear-resistant. Of course, it is not without shortcomings, first of all, its elasticity and feel is not as delicate as wool carpet, but fortunately, all kinds of performance is good, and the price ratio is much higher than wool carpet, so the blended carpet has successfully been favored by many families.


2. Wool carpet


Wool carpet can be said to be the "aristocratic" existence of carpet. Composed of countless animal fibers, it has the effect of adjusting the indoor humidity level. Humidity is too high and can be used for hygroscopic, humidity is too low and can release water. Therefore, wool carpet can also solve the electrostatic effect in the dry season, and the flame retardant is strong. Of course, wool carpet shortcomings are also clear, the price is high.


3. Cotton carpet


Cotton carpet is good material safety, even if children, pregnant women or sensitive skin people use, most will not appear adverse reactions, very suitable for placing in the children's room. In addition, cotton carpet performance is more stable, good moisture absorption, so it is also loved by many families.


Of course, no matter what kind of material carpet is selected, it is necessary to choose reliable brand products as far as possible. After all, the carpet needs to use a certain amount of glue, so there will be the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

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