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Talk on the development status of handmade silk carpet

May 10, 2023

Latest company news about Talk on the development status of handmade silk carpet

No matter from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Republic of China and the 1950s after the founding of the modern times, handmade carpets are in a peak period of development, or other historical rivers are almost in a state of constant exploration, constantly seeking new development. Today, the development status of handmade silk carpet is in an urgent need to let more people understand handmade carpet, understand the status quo of handmade carpet.


So handmade carpet has been in our country for thousands of years, why it is not as famous as mahogany furniture, nor as brilliant as silk, what is the reason? There are four main factors.


First, the aesthetic trend of Chinese people has changed


With the aesthetic changes in each era, now the Chinese people are more and more like simple, simple and elegant carpet, generally so simple, simple and elegant carpet is almost a mechanism carpet, handmade thorn carpet. Handmade carpets are almost all carpets with complex colors and patterns, which do not conform to the mainstream aesthetic trend. Therefore, we often see that even if we Chinese carpet is almost paved with simple and elegant mechanism carpets, handmade thorn carpets or handmade Indian carpets.

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Second: lack of cultural deposits


Through the ages, we can find that in the tide of history, any kind of commodity wants to occupy a permanent position in the market, it needs a certain cultural background as the basis. For example, mahogany furniture, which is similar to handmade rugs, has not had the same fate. As we know, from the Song Dynasty to the popular use of chairs, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties when mahogany furniture began to be used as the household furniture of the nobility began to reach its heyday, mahogany furniture still occupies its own position in the household furniture market today. But let's take a look at the reason why handmade carpet is almost nobody in China, or our people lack of understanding of handmade carpet culture, so that now handmade silk carpet is in a relatively passive situation in China.


Third: in china awareness is not high


We did an experiment where if we went to the streets of Europe or America and showed them our handmade silk rugs, they would immediately say, "Wow, it's beautiful!" They all feel that handmade carpets are beautiful and wonderful works of art, but if you show them handmade silk carpets in the streets of China, they will ask, "What is this carpet and what is it made of? The reason why there is such a clear difference is that compared with the European and American markets, handmade silk carpets are lack of visibility in China, which is also one of the reasons why our handmade carpet industry is currently in a passive situation.

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Fourth: lack of strong handmade carpet leading brands


Each industry has a benchmark. But in the present industry of the handmade carpet in our country, it is necessary to emerge strong handmade carpet brand. For the Chinese people to know the handmade carpet industry, and to recognize and understand this industry as well as the mahogany furniture. As far as mahogany furniture is concerned, as long as you go to the street to find a furniture industry is not very familiar with people, will know some basic information about mahogany furniture. Therefore, at present, Jimei is also trying to build itself into an industry known by the public. Even though we know that the handmade carpet market accounts for about 1% of the entire carpet market in China, we are still trying to let more people know about handmade silk carpets and handmade carpets. This is our vision and our mission.


Of course, today's analysis of the current handmade carpet industry is also a reflection of our efforts to deeply cultivate the handmade carpet industry and carry forward our handmade carpet culture. I hope that every friend who likes handmade carpet can be a dim light, so that more people can understand, know and like handmade carpet.


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